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viernes, 24 de agosto de 2007

Betty Harris - Soul Perfection Plus 63-69 (1998)

A falta de una reedición completa de su trabajo, "Soul Perfection" es una perfecta oportunidad para conocer a la maravillosa Betty Harris, otra (semi) desconocida reina del Soul.

Track List:

01.Cry To Me
02.I'll Be A Liar
03. His Kiss
04. It's Dark Outside
05. Mo Jo Hannah
06. Now Is The Hour
07. Everybody's Love A.K.A. Just Like Mine
08. Why Don't You Tell Him (Take 37)
09. I'm Evil Tonight
10. What A Sad Feeling
11. Sometime
12. Want To Hear It
13. 12 Red Roses
14. What'd I Do Wrong
15. Lonely Hearts
16. Bad Luck
17. Nearer To You
18. I'm Gonna Git Ya
19. Can't Last Much Longer
20. Love Lots Of Lovin'
21. Take Care Of Our Love
22. Mean Man
23. Hook, Line & Sinker
24. Show It
25. Trouble With My Lover
26. Ride Your Pony
27. All I Want Is You
28.There's A Break In The Road

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old-fashioned lover dijo...

Soul Perfection:


Carlos Blanco dijo...

Muchas gracias. Gran blog!!!

spellbound dijo...

Muchas gracias Carlos. Estate atento que en cualquier momento vuelvo a postear soul divas...